Celebrating African Culture

Celebrating the African Culture

At HACC, we’re passionate about celebrating African culture and its people. We provide Australians of African origin with community resources and events to participate in Australian society while embracing the unique African culture. Celebrate the diverse languages, ethnic groups, religions, traditions and cultures of Africa with us through art, music, movement, fashion and more.

Music and movement

The HACC is committed to protecting African music and movement by encouraging cultural performance and exchange. Celebrating the diverse range of traditions and cultures within Africa, we’re committed to preserving the various music and movement unique to each group.

Emphasised in many African cultures is singing and dance – an incredibly powerful tool to tell stories, celebrate occasions and mark ceremonies amongst many other things. Musical instruments, in particular percussion and drums, are prominent in many different types of African music. Other instruments used include stringed and wind instruments.

Fashion, art and craft

Africa has a rich tradition of art and crafts incorporating woodcarvings, brass, leather art works, sculpture painting, pottery, ceremonial and religious headgear and dress. Our fashions are breathtaking, emphasising incredible pieces of jewelry and stunning masks used in various ceremonies. We’re proud to have connections with specialist African wear tailors available to create custom clothing for special events, ceremonies and everyday wear.

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